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Zozobra, Santa Fe’s most insidious local, wants you to be able to celebrate this demise by creating this website to help you find something to eat, drink and/or dance after the burn.

Here you will find listings and information on Santa Fe’s business that are ready to help you cap off an already amazing evening!



  • Zozobra has launched this website, afterthegloom.com to take Zozobra’s gloom and turn his demise into dollars for you, Santa Fe’s business backbone.
    Would your business like to start September with a boost to the bottom line? A 2014 post-Zozobra survey by the Santa Fe Kiwanis Club revealed that the thousands of people who attend the Burning of Zozobra want options for fun after the event is over! This year’s burning on Friday, September 4 will be concluded by 10:00 p.m., and Santa Fe businesses are invited to keep their doors open later for locals and visitors from around the globe. Attend a July 21st 2:00 p.m. meeting at the Santa Fe Convention Center to learn more about how your business can benefit from this great annual event
    Zozobra, Santa Fe’s most insidious local, is a major economic driver and he wants to drive business your way.
    Zozobra has launched a website afterthegloom.com to take Zozobra’s gloom and turn his demise into dollars for you, Santa Fe’s business backbone. When Zozobra succeeds we all succeed.
    In 2014 Zozobra’s survey showed that over 40,000 guests attended this unique Santa Fe cultural event. 10,000 traveled more than 50 miles and after the gloom they had dollars to spend on food, drink and rooms. Let’s showcase classic Santa Fe hospitality and boost all our bottom lines.
    Please attend our business meeting Tues., July 21 @ 2pm, or compete a free listing so we may promote your business before and after this one of a kind Santa Fe tradition. By going to afterthegloom.com/listing_form or using the QR code below.
    Some Numbers from Last Year:
    An attendance of 40,391 guests with more than 10,000 guests traveling more than 50 miles to view an amazing unique cultural experience. That’s people with dollars in their pockets who are happy, excited and wishing to continue the evening willing to spend on lodging, food, snacks, drinks, dancing or just enjoying the company of others. Zozobra is a social experience and many of our guests wish to continue their weekend here in Santa Fe enjoying the unique events and culture we have to offer.
    Zozobra social media strength is, well strong! 211,481 total visits to burnzozobra.com with an average time on the site of three minutes and sixteen seconds and an unbelievable bounce rate of only one percent.
    Our Aug 2014 social media stats are strong, 7160 followers on FaceBook with a daily reach of 13,155. Twitter has 888 followers & 1.9 million daily impressions and our Instagram page has 355 followers & 3,438 total likes. And were growing 2015’s numbers are shaping up to be even stronger.
    Would you like to leverage Zozobra’s reach to impact your bottom line? Want to reach over 40,000 Customers??? We want to share the economic wealth.
    I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday July 21st.

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